Clear encapsulation of optical components


  • good up to excellent weathering resistance and UV light stability
  • high transparency and yellowing resistance
  • protection against humidity and other environmental influences



Wepuran casting resins of the series VT 3402 KK

pi1193e0 profile letters led

  • colourless and crystal clear, excellent transparency, for highest demands on optical properties
  • very good weather resistance, excellent UV light stability and good thermal resistance
  • selected adjustments suitable for underwater use
  • light diffusing effect or colouration by the addition of hazing paste or dyestuff concentrate
  • opaque top coat VT 3492 LS for even light diffusion

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Bright Wepuran casting resins of the series BV 3412

  • based on VT 3402 KK
  • bright dazzling colours
  • gloss and high luminosity which can be reinforced by backlighting

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Wepesil casting resin VT 3602 KK

  • colourless, crystal-clear and highly transparent
  • weather/UV resistant
  • very high elasticity and tear resistance
  • excellent temperature resistance up to 200 °C
  • high optical temperature resistance up to 150 °C, thus also suitable for encapsulating power LEDs

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Wepuran casting resin VT 3405

  • clear and highly transparent

  • with good weather and UV light stability, thus ideal for applications with moderate demands on the optical properties, e.g. to pot assemblies that must remain permanetly visible

  • easy to remove for repair purposes

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